Discounts Manager & Scheduler

All in one: product discounts, scheduled sale & sales popup


Productivity booster Gain in productivity by preparing all your promotions & offers for the year, or at least for the busy season: Black Friday, Christmas & the official sale periods. Conversion booster Having sales & promotions is one thing, but informing customers on your website is another. We included a simple yet effective banner/popup solution that allows to list many blocks of information, use to as you'd like :


Promote certain products, collections, or simply announce your latest news or events.


If you like it, feel free to use it independently from the sales functionality. Comply with legal requirements. If you're in one of these countries where Sale Seasons are highly regulated, you'll appreciate this app & what it allows you to do. Features No coding required. Prepare a list of "Operations" in advance, each with a start & end dates. Build & optimize your campaign-specific theme to highlight on-sale products, prior to the sale so there are no surprises.


Set a collection discount to take effect only during the operation. Featured, customisable banner/popup to announce your campaigns, sales, news or whatever else you'd like. ~~ Keep in mind Both start & end dates are required in order to publish an operation.


You can only schedule promotions on the collection level (not possible on products/variants directly)


Each collection can have up to 500 products. Would like to activate only the banner/popup independently from sales-campaigns?

No problem, but a start/end dates should be specified. We accept feature requests, so don't hesitate to let us know how we can make you life easier :)


Comply with the law

Prices crossed-out all the time, fake timers, lying about stocks. But Promotions are highly regulated, be sure to comply with our app.

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